A sunny day it was followed by a long queue in the bathroom.. It wasn’t because of scorching heat that each one of us wanted to bath rather the day itself had its own importance that mattered for each and every member of our large though united family…

After all another bunch of parents were coming to make some of us a small part of their well settled family..

This time the arriving families were quite renowned ones and held a respectable place in society, as told by Shayantani Didi.. The reason behind our waiting for bath and getting ready is no more a mystery..

The intensity of the moment could easily be sensed from our activities.. Each of us wanted to look THE BEST… Be it the soap used during bath to the dresses we wore .. We wanted to excel each and every aspect..

That day we found a hidden designer and hairstylist in ourselves.. Since we always had a low budget, we somehow still managed to look admirable in our 3-4 years old yet new looking washed clothes , wet combed hair and all that we could carry was a face with twinkling eyes and remarkable eyes.. Our body was generating tremendous amount of pressure which was an amalgamation of nervousness and competitive spirit..

The time had arrived we had so long waited for… Entrance of parents from the old dusty and rusty gate which was none less looking like a grand royal entrance of our future..

That ground that day had an unknown ambience .. Unaware of the fact that THE GREAT ALMIGHTY always thinks of a step ahead.. He had already planned my life on a different tangent..

That day, Shayantani Didi asked me to apply a pinch of cream on my face.. Though I wasn’t as dark complexioned as she but still she didn’t want me to get rejected due to my complexion like she was…

Instead of her persuasion, I didn’t apply even a tinge..

I was torn apart and broken down into pieces.. Didi feared the consequences and the similar happened..

But, but,

I wanted to have a family who would have accepted me the way I was… May be that was the sole reason that I too got rejected ..

Having no regrets I am living my life the way I am.. No family accepted me as their part but I myself created my own family.. That day I got to know why Shayantani Didi never represented herself on the selection day..

That very day onwards I too accepted “Niketan Orphanage” as my home and decided not to get ADOPTED ever…


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