Growing up with emotional cords is no less than a blessing”

Finally, Today after so many days, I got some time alone with Sakshi. Post marriage it had become difficult for me to maintain a balance in my life. I somewhere in my heart knew that she needed me, she needed my time and a cup of my handmade coffee. But being preoccupied with my office work, wife and children I was unable to pay heed to her as I used to earlier.
Despite all this, neither did she complain nor did demand ever. She was the girl who always stood by my side in my ups and downs selflessly. The bond we shared was not that weak but with the passage of time, the day had come to strengthen it.

Today I have taken fake sick leave just to spend a day with her. Today I have planned to surprise her with the aroma of my handmade coffee and gain have a night full of our childhood memories as we used to do in our early days.

Rejoicing childhood days with your siblings over a cup of coffee is like reliving those moments. Sakshi always had turned out to be a perfect sister and it was my turn to be his perfect brother with “the perfect brew”.


Writer’s Adda Quotes

“Everyone on this planet is blessed with relations but it takes a little time & efforts to preserve those relations by dumping the difference and revising your priorities while looking after your daily errands because, in the end, it’s your ties and bonds which go along with you, not your clout or prosperity.”


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